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Notes From the Doctor

I know it seems as if I’m ‘preaching to the choir’, but this topic comes up fairly often. People want to know which is ‘better’ for their oral health. Flossing or Brushing??!

The ideal answer is BOTH, of course. But let’s be real for a moment…

Ok, here’s my take on the debate.

Flossing disturbs the bacteria that exists between all of our teeth, and is particularly important for those of us with gum problems/periodontal disease (basically losing bone around the tooth).

But brushing lowers the greatest amount of bacteria on the most amount of tooth structure. And brushing with a flouride toothpaste helps keep the bugs out of our teeth. No cavities, YEAH!!

The best answer is this – ask your dentist, or hygienist, what would make YOUR oral health the best it can be. Remember, bacteria are lazy and persistent. They only go where we let them, and they never take a vacation!

Just thinking about all this makes my mouth feel dirty!

I’m going to go brush now…